ColoFact Aps is a start up company within Medical Devices development. 

We find new solutions or are improving the existing solution to bring them to a new level to be user friendly for both user and receiver. Please see more information in Our History. 

Stephane and Torben in France
Stephane and Torben in their new office, day 1

The beginning

Stephane and Torben met each other (literally) at the airport. They had both said yes to a task for a Danish pharma company in France, and met each other for a bit to eat before "take off". There was chemistry from the first glance and they quickly found out that they worked very well together and shared a good portion of humor together also. What one was not able to do, the other was. Sparring was at a higher and more fun level where the imagination was sometimes really challenged but new solutions came to the surface.

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